I am so excited for Meghan and Nick’s wedding today!! When I first met Meghan, she let me know about her love of Ball jars.  Cool.  But at our meeting recently, Meghan showed me programs, lace bridesmaid dresses and baby’s breath flowers, and late-night “snacks.”  Oooh!  I am so excited to shoot this detail-loaded wedding.

If you missed the engagement photos of these love birds on my old blog, here is a sneak peak of the love birds as they prepped for this big day!


Chanel and Jamal met at Syracuse University.  Chanel’s magnetic smile and charming personality had a strange effect on Jamal.  Suddenly, his cheeks felt warm at the thought of her, and he couldn’t stop smiling when his phone chirped with her caller ID. And, according to his friends, his conversations and… singing began to revolve around Chanel as well.

Suddenly, this go-getter college student added one more to-do to his list: win Chanel’s heart.  A win her heart he did!

Jamal and Chanel were wed at Antrim 1844 in Taneytown, Maryland.  Antrim 1844 has the most amazing gardens and fountains!  If you are looking for an English garden or European garden- themed wedding, this is definitely the place to go! I may or may not be secretly planning to pack a fountain or two away in my photography bag.  Wedding photography at this location is amazing!  And me?  Wow.  I am one lucky duck to be chosen to be their wedding photographer!

Venue: Antrim 1844

As I drove from my home outside of Frederick, through West Virginia, and back into Virginia, the rain poured.  Not a heavy downpour, about the heaviest downpour I have ever seen.  I passed Luray Caverns and thought, “Man, this wedding’s going to be a washout!”

Luckily, Travis and Sara’s Cross Keys Vineyards wedding was full of love, family, beautiful details, rumbling clouds, and by the time the wedding rolled around, no rain!

As part of my 2015 goals, I decided to second shoot a few weddings– a “second shooter” is hired by the lead photographer to provide additional coverage of the lead’s events.  This year I am shooting over 30 of my own weddings, so I didn’t know if I could fit in shooting for others, but I’m so glad I did!  I think we wedding photographers can rely too heavily on our old faithful shots, poses, even jokes!  I’m so happy Jackalope Photography asked me to be the Robin to her Batman so I could continue to push myself creatively.

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was the venue.  Awesome selection, Travis and Sara, on picking Cross Keys Vineyards!  This venue is for wine lovers looking for vineyards and a Mediterranean style.  The ballroom is nice, but personally, I would host my wedding on the huge patio surrounded by stucco arches and cafe-style string lights.

Finally, if you’re wondering, yes.  These guys are big hunters!  I grew up shooting, so it was fun to surprise these guys with my riflery knowledge.