Hello, Lovely!

More often than any other question, I’m asked “what should I wear?”  Now, chica, I love me some clothes!  Without a doubt, I could walk into my closet and pick out what I would wear, so let me give you some advice to give you the same confidence!

First rule:  Wear something that makes you feel amazing!

I don’t care if it breaks all the other rules… when you feel good, you look good!

For my engagement session with Marcella Treybig Photography (right), we went with a red, white and blue palette.  With my session with Terra Dawn Photography (left), we went with a mustard, brown and blue palette.

Red, white and blue: Renzo (slim fit, wide plaid shirt from Express—his favorite company; favorite jeans) Eddie (ASOS midi-length dress in navy and J. Crew (one of my favorites) striped pumps)

Brown-mustard-blue: Renzo (slim fit, white shirt from Express, brown tweed vest from J. Crew, favorite jeans) Eddie (high-low mustard dress from Express, Jessica Simpson nude pumps)

Second rule: Coordinate without being matchy-matchy. 

In the 90s, we all wore jeans and white tops, ran around barefoot, chased by our black lab… on the beach.  Hey, it still works!  But, you also have the opportunity to showcase you and your style.  Think stripes, plaids, florals, tweeds, and consider including multiple textures in your image. One person in florals and the other in stripes for instance.

Think of three colors you like together and in your home or your wedding colors, and find clothes of different textures and pattens in that color palette.  When in doubt, refer to rule one!

Cassie of Primitive and Proper does color and layers of patterns better than just about anyone I know.

Third Rule: The don’t s.

Stay away from big chunks of black or white. Both are horrible to photograph.  The lighting needs to be juuuuust right or you’ll just wearing black blob (think: my black leggings will look like I’m wearing a floor-length tube skirt).  Or, your white shirt will be the brightest thing in the image, and your faces will play second fiddle.  Sooo, no white button downs or black leggings.  (See also rule one.)Avoid tight patterns.  Tight plaid, seersucker, etc. will look a little psychedelic online and in print.
See this suit? Depending on the screen or printer, the pattern will be wavy like a topographic map.  Don’t see it, move your head up and down paying special attention to the material around the grooms left shoulder blade, and it will look like the pattern is moving.

Rule four: Remember the details.

Details make you look polished in a photo and make you walk into out photo shoot feeling like… hmm, I’m looking good today!  Remember to match your hair tie with your hair color, think about your socks and jewelry.  Also, think about oomphing your look.  Maybe with killer earrings, spot on socks, or bowtie.

Finally, rule five: Wear what you feel good in.


Layering patterns, following all the don’t s, etc. won’t mean anything if you don’t feel like a million bucks.  If you want to break “the rules” that’s fine by me.  I will make it work the best way I can.

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