As I drove from my home outside of Frederick, through West Virginia, and back into Virginia, the rain poured.  Not a heavy downpour, about the heaviest downpour I have ever seen.  I passed Luray Caverns and thought, “Man, this wedding’s going to be a washout!”

Luckily, Travis and Sara’s Cross Keys Vineyards wedding was full of love, family, beautiful details, rumbling clouds, and by the time the wedding rolled around, no rain!

As part of my 2015 goals, I decided to second shoot a few weddings– a “second shooter” is hired by the lead photographer to provide additional coverage of the lead’s events.  This year I am shooting over 30 of my own weddings, so I didn’t know if I could fit in shooting for others, but I’m so glad I did!  I think we wedding photographers can rely too heavily on our old faithful shots, poses, even jokes!  I’m so happy Jackalope Photography asked me to be the Robin to her Batman so I could continue to push myself creatively.

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was the venue.  Awesome selection, Travis and Sara, on picking Cross Keys Vineyards!  This venue is for wine lovers looking for vineyards and a Mediterranean style.  The ballroom is nice, but personally, I would host my wedding on the huge patio surrounded by stucco arches and cafe-style string lights.

Finally, if you’re wondering, yes.  These guys are big hunters!  I grew up shooting, so it was fun to surprise these guys with my riflery knowledge.

My husband is in this 30s, and I have an embarrassing secret.  For this last birthday, he said he wanted a gaming system (a xbox or a who knows what) so much that in exchange for getting a gaming system for this birthday, he would succumb to my love of stucco and agree to put changing out our shiplap siding on the longterm remodel plan.

And I traded an xbox for stucco.

For about two years, I’ve had a stucco-sided building pinned in my favorite boards.  I also have it in my iPhone images to show any potential contractor.  With iron window trim and aged, perfectly putty colored exterior… wow.  I’m in love!

Imagine my surprise when on a city tour in Savannah, we drive by **my** stucco building!!  My pins of this building are wedding photos from wedding blogs of a “Georgian mansion.”  Apparently the “state,” not the country!

After the Savannah city tour, my family and I hunted down the mansion just off Forsyth Park, and do you know what?  The first floor is antiques store.  Really.  Weddings, antiques, stucco and iron window casings?!  Oh, please stop. This is a little overwhelming for me.

So, when I have $5.3 million to spend on a Savannah mansion, this home will be mine.  Until then, I will hunt for an iron worker or wood carver who can duplicate a similar look as I admire my future stucco and listen to games play on my husband’s xbox.


My husband’s not a camper.  He deployed to Iraq and Bosnia, and now?  The idea of sleeping in a tent or eating food cooked over a fire while swatting bugs could quite possibly be the worst family vacation.  He’s more of a resort or packaged cruise kind of guy.

Me?  I grew up in Alaska and I explored the national parks and every Western state on family vacations where all we needed was our camper shell on the pick up, a comfy pair of sneakers and the time of the next park ranger talk.  I want to instill in my kids the same love of exploring and connecting with local people that my parents instilled in me.  My husband obliges about once a year, and I try to find a campground that we can drive in, with electricity for queen-sized air mattresses and movie night, and a hot shower.  I get bonus points if it’s on the beach.

This year I wanted to explore Georgia and South Carolina a little after speaking at a conference in Atlanta.  I selected Edisto State Park because it has great beach camping and was halfway between Savannah and Charleston.  Why Savannah and Charleston?  No other reason than I’d never been there.

Within 30 minutes of driving around Savannah, I fell in love!  So much so, I even talked to my husband about moving there.

Our first Savannah stop was a trolly tour.  From now on, a city tour will be our first stop.  When you take a tour of the city, you get a first hand intro to the WHOLE city.  Savannah– ahh, be still my beating heart!  Savannah is covered in tree-lined streets, Spanish moss, zillions of town squares and hidden gardens, and…. stucco.  STUCCO!

** Faux faint following by fanning myself and sipping on sweet tea.**

If you are ever in need of a wedding photographer in Savannah, please contact me!  I WILL travel.  Savannah is… amazing.  Here’s a little from our day in Savannah.


  • cassie @ primitive & proper - so beautiful! where we vacation every summer is near charleston (seabrook island) and i love the drive in with the spanish moss adorned oaks. one day when we are there i want to take a day trip or an overnight trip to savannah- i have never been there either. but don’t move please- it’s hot there and i would miss you.ReplyCancel

I just got back from a blogging conference (Haven), and wow.  I feel excited and empowered.  I have a to-do list a mile long!  This conference was just what I wanted and needed to invigorate my creative soul on the precipice of wedding season– it starts in earnest August 1!

A basic question I struggled with for a long time is: can photography, and primarily wedding photography, and my love for interior design coexist on the same blog.  After this conference, I know that they must.

Let me explain why.  The people who book me usually care.  Do you love Joanna Gaines?  If so, you’re probably my client.  Do you have a Pinterest board full of beautiful home decor, even if you live in an apartment?  Do you have a favorite artist or painter?  Have your own fashion sense? Gilt or One Kings Lane on your phone? (I included affiliate links for your convenience.)

Dude, you are not only my perfect client, and we need to grab coffee.

I bring that same eye for design to my photography.  Let me give you an example.  I’ll caution you, however, that once I show you, some other photography is going to drive you bonkers.  So look away if you’re unprepared!

Here is a perfect example of my love for design.

Element one: I love to layer textures– and keep the patterns straight.  Some photographers layer well, but what drives me bonkers is the pattern isn’t square, or the layers aren’t square.  Watch out!  You’ll love the colors of a photos but ack!  You’ll eyes will cross when the pattern isn’t straight or a layer is askew.

Here is another.

My favorite photos include foreground, mid-ground, and background.  The hair close up is beautiful, but a portfolio must include more and introduce texture.  The image of the full bride on the left uses the bricks to lead your eye to the bride.  The branches in the background “weep” toward the bride.  The terrace is not shot directly straight on, and is used to again lead your eye to the bride.

Love. Love. Love.

In addition to more design related posts, there will be a few other changes on the blog.  The first up is a website and blog redesign and relocation to make the one-stop shop.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress, and TheHauteSauce will redirect to the new site.

Thoughts?  Design and photography… can they coexist?

  • cassie @ primitive & proper - if you love it and it interests you and it is your blog then yes absolutely! i know so many designers who have an eye for photography and so many photographers that have an eye for design. they are a natural fit in my mind!ReplyCancel

So this post might as well be called “what to wear” because Vio **nailed it.**

First, Vio and Andreas choose a location they love– Annapolis.  As DC transplants, they travel to Annapolis to get away from it all.  In the more residential settling on the water, Vio and Andreas feel like they are on vacation in Annapolis.

Then, they were okay with shooting at sunrise– the best light!  Buuuut, that means shooting around 6am.  Troopers.

Finally, that dress.  Hot damn, that dress!  Engagement photography is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to showcase your style, and I LOOOVE it when couples pick out a stunning piece that makes them feel like a rock star.  Andreas cleans up well, too!  He feels like a million bucks in a suit, and he picked out a perfect complement to Vio’s show-stopper.

With that said, don’t feel like you have to be safe.  Step out in style.